Friday, April 26, 2013

Final Blog

I don't know what to really write about in this last blog. I guess the teacher wanted us to get use to different things. Was this type of writing effective in its on way yes. Will I continue to do blogs. Probably not. Not because I find it time consuming. I will agree it is an effective writing tool, that is if you like to write.


Procrastination is what I did this semester and that is not like me. I just wasn't really feeling school this semester. I going to sit out the Summer and think about if I want to come back in the Fall. Working and school can be very overwhelming and not to mention tiresome. But, I can say I two excellent teachers this semester.

Sink Holes

I know I said I wasn't going watch the news anymore but when I was flipping through the channels the headlines caught my attention.  Sink hole in Henrico County. Really, so many sink holes are popping up around the world. The first one I saw was in January, a man sleeping in bed was swallowed up by the sink hole under his bedroom. They never found his body because the sink hole was still growing in depth. Sink hole opened up in one state on the main highway, in which the uncovered an old tunnel. They had to shut that part of the highway down and  make a different route to get around the sink hole. Now the sink hole in Henrico County. Makes me wonder about  the land my house is on.

Boston Bombing

There was a time everyone escape to America because it was the home of the free and the land of the brave. But, not now every since September 11 things have been getting worst. Not to say there haven't been terrorist attacks on United States before 9/11 but none at this magnitude. Now I turn on the news to see two brothers from Russia brothers set bombs at a marathon which takes place every year. I feel sorry all those people that lost their lives, limbs, and lost of security most importantly. Acts like this make you fear what can happen next. really don't like watching news anymore nothing positive comes on it anymore.  

Sexuality Does It really Matter

Today society is so judgmental, not only to gays and lesbians, but everyone. When will people realized we are all born different. If God intended for us to be the same, he would have created us all the same. But I must say it would be a boring world. Gays and lesbians should be able to have the same rights as heterosexuals do. The pay taxes just like everyone else, so they should be able to live their life according to how they see fit. People shouldn't judge them because the like the same sex. Love is colorless and no said you couldn't love the same sex. I am pro choice and whatever choice people choose, its their choice. They have to live with that decision, not you.

Co-Parenting Hard or Easy

Co-parenting isn't easy, especially if the parents are separated. When parents separate and try to raise a child it is a little bit different then being in a relationship. Because when in relations both parents are together and work as a team to raise the child/children. However, not saying that parents who are no longer together can't do the same. But, it is rarely possible. Reason being both parents start dating other people and if relationships are serious, then they want the child/children to get know the mate. Both parents can have opposite views and opinions on how to raise the child/children. One parent may not like the other spouse new mate. Which pretty much stems from jealous of the new person. What every it may be both parents need to realize it's not about them but the child and work together to raise the child. Because the child is the one who suffers if parents can not work together.

Should Drugs Be Legalized

I think drugs should not be legalized. Why, if the legalized drugs, it would be like alcohol. I said that because you can drink alcohol and not be consider drunk if your not over the legal limit which is actually 0.08%. So image if the had a limit for drug use. People would take advantage of the situation and say "Oh i'm not over the blood concentration level for smoking marijuana" so they wont get charged. Ridiculous as it sound no. You will have doctors, teachers, and so forth coming to work a little buzz. Just so they can make it through the day. Not to say they aren't doing it now.